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If you struggle with sugar and carb cravings, energy spikes and dips, fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fog or difficulty concentrating you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with these challenges every day.
Not only are these issues major challenges in our lives that often result in weight gain and belly fat but in many cases they are symptoms of much more dangerous underlying health problems including diabetes, high cholesterol, ED in men, and more.
The 21 Day Sugar Detox program developed by Diane Sanfilippo is designed to address what she believes is the root cause of these problems - our addiction to the many forms of sugar and wheat found in the highly processed foods most of us eat. Diane is a nutrition expert and bestselling diet and nutrition author. The program is a combination of two major diet and nutrition trends detoxification and the whole foods movement. Diane is the author of several bestselling books on the primal/paleo diet, which the latest trend in the whole foods movement.

What is the 21 Day Sugar Detox Program?

The 21 Day Sugar Detox program combines three interactive eBooks including the Program Manual with a range of free online support tools including email support, a Facebook page, and an online forum for people following the program. The 90 page Program Manual offers three levels, including a beginner plan for those that want to easy into the diet and lifestyle changes.
There also two free bonus eBooks that are not available when you buy the printed book at Amazon or your local bookstore – the Supplement Guide and the FAQ & What to Expect Guide. The printed book is scheduled to be released this fall.
The program includes a 21 day recipe plan complete with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are also special modified versions of the program for athletes, women who are pregnant or nursing and vegetarians or vegans.
There are a number of very useful guides including a handy list of Yes and No foods. The Sugar and Sweeteners, Fats and Oils, Dining Out/Party Ideas, Snack and “Treat” guides are also particularly useful.


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Does 21 Day Sugar Detox Work?
Since its launch in 2010 over 10,000 people have bought the eBook and implemented the program. So we have a large base of users that have been on the program for several years. Unfortunately there still isn’t a great deal of scientific research on the overall health benefits of a sugar free wheat free diet. But the feedback from actual people on the program is very positive. Here are some typical comments:

“…I was addicted to sugar and really did need to remove it from my diet. After just a week on the 21DSD, I felt instantly better. I had more energy, I wasn’t constantly thinking about sugar at night (which had always been my downfall), and I actually felt better in my skin. My mid section felt thinner…”  – Juli Bauer, PaleOMG

This testimonial is an example of some of the typical results for people on the 21 Day Sugar Detox program including increased energy level, a drop in sugar cravings and the loss of fat around the waste. Many people report an increase energy and improvement in mood early in the program. This is very important because it makes it easier to stick with the program and get the full longer term benefits.

“…The sugar detox was like hitting the reset button. It was difficult at first – anything worthwhile is – but Diane was there to help me through it. I’m much more mindful now about what I eat, and consuming fresh, real food has definitely made a positive difference in my energy and outlook…” – Keri M. (Testimonial from company website)

This comment reinforces the fact that the program is a major lifestyle change and that kind of change takes time. That’s why the early boost in energy and increased mental clarity is so important to the program’s success. This is one the reasons some many diets fail and some many people go through yo-yo dieting.

Some Important Words of Caution
1. 21 Day Sugar Detox is a real life style change and life style changes can be difficult. That’s why the online support tools are so important to make sure you succeed with the program.
2. Life style changes take time. You can get a good start in 21 days but it may take you longer to fully implement the program and see the full benefits. Most research on making a major change in your life says that if takes a minimum of 30 days to make a change and make it stick.
3. As you learn more about the whole foods movement you may be tempted to go straight to the primal/paleo diet but unless you are highly motivated a sugar free wheat free diet is a great place to start.

The 21-Day Sugar Detox

21 Day Sugar Detox Buyer’s Guide
If you plan to buy 21 Day Sugar Detox the online eBook version is the best option. It includes the important bonus eBooks not available with the printed version and you can get started right away. The printed version is more expensive and won’t be available until this fall. When you order online you get a 60 day money back guarantee so you can try the program and make sure it works for you. Make sure the only buy the eBook from the official site. The link to the site is listed below at the bottom of this review. Avoid sites that promise lower prices or other unofficial sites. These sites are often scams.

The Verdict
We recommend the 21 Day Sugar Detox program. If you’re serious about ending your sugar cravings and addiction to sugar and wheat based carbs and boosting your energy, gaining mental clarity, boosting your mood, losing weight and improving your overall health this is the best most comprehensive program for you. Click the link below to go to the official 21 Day Sugar Detox website and get started today.

Click Here for the Official 21 Day Sugar Detox Website to Learn More and Order the EBook



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